Some Questions and Answers about us, our products, about AOVE, how to buy, how to pay, shipping, contact us, etc.

¿What is www.damajuanaolive?

It is the online shop open 24 hours a day, where you can buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior picual category

¿Why buy on www.damajuanaolive.com?

Because you can buy extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, directly from the Parque Natural de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. From Damajuana we want to give you the guarantee that we have carefully selected all the AOVE that we put on sale in our catalogue, and we put all the effort to make it come to you in a safe, easy, intuitive and economical way.

¿What we sell?

You can only buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium produced in the Parque Natural de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas, the legal definition is: Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical processes.

¿What is the AOVE?

AOVE = Extra Virgin Olive Oil= Pure Olive Juice

It is a 100% natural product, authentic «olive juice».
It has a series of nutritional values that are not found in any other fat.
Its aroma and flavour reproduce those of the olives from which it comes and it contains all the healthy and nutritional attributes of this excellent natural product.

¿What does AOVE consist of and what does it contribute to our health?

It is a natural product composed of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that aids metabolism, preventing the formation of fatty deposits in the arteries and helps to balance cholesterol levels.
It is a source of nutrients that favours the assimilation of mineral salts and vitamins A, D, E, K, this together with the Polyphenols act as a Natural Antioxidant, helping to keep the Heart Healthy and to avoid cardiovascular diseases.
It helps to prevent different types of cancer, facilitates digestion and favours the absorption of calcium.

¿What we do NOT sell on www.damajuanaolive.com?

Refined Olive Oil, the ones you normally find in supermarkets.

¿How many types of olive oil are there and what they really are?

When the olives are harvested and taken to the oil mill to produce Virgin Olive Oil (i.e. it does not contain any type of additive), after milling and due to a multitude of factors that can affect the Olive Juice, 3 things can happen, i.e. we can obtain 3 types of oil:

100% olive juice.
These are oils that are obtained from olives at their optimum ripeness, and only by mechanical processes. Extra virgin olive oils are oils of the highest quality, free of defects, which is why they have excellent flavour and aroma characteristics. To be considered extra virgin, they must pass through a tasting panel where they are qualified and certified to be AOVE.
In addition to having excellent organoleptic properties, its fruitiness, bitterness, spiciness, etc. its free acidity expressed in oleic acid must be less than 2 gr. per 100 gr.

They also come from 100% olive juice, and have remarkable flavour and aroma characteristics. However, they do not reach the level of excellence of extra virgin oils. They share their antioxidant capacity and their richness in monounsaturated fatty acids.
In Virgin Olive Oil the free acidity expressed in oleic acid must be between 2 gr. and 3.3 gr. maximum.

It is a virgin olive oil «not suitable» for consumption and is called lampante virgin olive oil. It is so called because in ancient times it was used to light oil lamps.
The free acidity expressed as oleic acid is higher than 3,3 grams per 100 grams and has clear defects in its organoleptic characteristics.

This lampante oil is destined for the refining industries (it is refined, neutralising its aroma and flavour to produce refined olive oil), which is usually found in supermarkets.

So, the olive oil I buy in my supermarket, what is it?

As a general rule, this oil is refined olive oil, which is the result of adding a small percentage of virgin or extra virgin olive oil to the refined oil obtained from the Lampante.
This is why these oils tend to lack colour, flavour and smell, and of course the Polyphenols, Antioxidants and so many nutrients that are so beneficial to health.
Spain, a country with an oil culture, consumes too much refined olive oil in its homes, approximately 50% of its consumption is refined oil.

¿How to buy on www.damajuanaolive.com?

You can browse the product catalogue by visiting the different categories and add the items you want to your basket, indicating the desired quantity (by default 1 unit).

You can add as many products as you wish to your cart, and when you wish to do so, place the cursor over the cart, which you will find at the top right-hand side of the header.

¿The colour of olive oil is characteristic of higher or lower quality?

It is important to begin this answer by pointing out that in the professional classification of olive oils, opaque glasses are used so that tasters are not influenced by the colour.

The colour of an AOVE can range from green to yellowish-green, meaning that it has been made with mostly green olives, or with olives in a higher state of ripeness.  Therefore, oils that range between these colours are not necessarily better one than the other. If they are well elaborated, they will differ in the sensory notes, as they have been harvested at different stages of ripening, but the physical-chemical quality should be the same.

¿Why an early-harvest olive oil loses its characteristic green colour over time?

We must bear in mind that olive oil is a living food and its colour will change over time.

Oils with a green colour come from olives with a higher amount of chlorophylls, and as time goes by, these chlorophylls diminish and the oil becomes a yellowish-green colour.

Here we have taken into account the natural life cycle of the food. However, if the food is not preserved as it should be, its colour will change rapidly due to oxidation.