In the middle of the Natural Park

Cazorla, Segura
and Villas

Our farm is located in the mountains of Jaén, surrounded by pine forests, in the largest protected natural area in Spain. A territory declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco and a special protection area for birds, thus forming part of the Natura 2000 network. In this privileged environment our olive trees are cultivated with the most demanding care to the environment that surrounds it.


Mountain olive grove

Our olive grove, defined as a "mountain olive grove", maintains its balance between the sustainability of the crop and the conservation of the natural heritage. The natural conditions of its territory, climate, soil, etc., are combined with a traditional cultivation system. A traditional cultivation system is added which allows us to obtain a fruity and aromatic oil, rich in oleic acid, polyphenols, provitamin A and a source of vitamin E. It also has the stability that comes from the picual olive, maintaining its organoleptic and sensory properties for longer.



Our AOVE of SIERRA is very healthy, stable, very resistant to rancidity, with a very intense flavour and a green colour typical of early harvest olives.

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